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Preload & Data Services for Your USB Flash Drives

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      Preload & Data Services for Your USB Flash Drives

      Issue Time:2014-03-16

      Standard Preload

      We copy your content to your flash drives and users can access it at will.
      Perfect for a "soft sell" or for distributing software and other data content to users who know what they're getting.

      Data Security and Encryption

      Through partnerships with USB data-security and encryption specialists we are able to offer our clients advanced systems for securing data on their portable devices and host computers.

      Non-Erasable Content

      Make all or some of your preload content files non-erasable by locking them in a CD-ROM partition:
      Your PC will treat this section of your Flash Drive storage space as if it were a CD that cannot be deleted or overwritten.

      Custom Icon Creation

      A customized icon to replace the default drive icon associated with your Flash Drive device.
      A very popular option for Portable Media Player orders, value-added resellers, and software/media distributors.

      Hidden Files

      Choose to have certain files hidden from normal user access, such as support-files that may clutter an otherwise well-organized Flash Drive or data-collecting files that cannot be locked nor compromised.

      Serialization Service

      Select a range of hexadecimal values to be serialized in each unit's device properties.


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